Gnutella Links

Welcome to the Gnutelligentsia page. This project aims to provide a stable and intuitive servent for the Gnutella network. All user suggestions will be entertained, providing a client that is useful and that fulfils your needs.
Some advanced features of this client are :-
  • Connection stability meter
  • Tabbed window design
  • Tree layout for search results
  • Network map (coming soon)

3:37PM Tuesday, December 11, 2001, CVS

Also, CVS is now up, so you can download the first 10,000 lines of the work I did while I was supposed to be studying for exams during semester.

12:00PM Tuesday, December 11, 2001, Started web page

Well, Sourceforge approved my 4th project on their servers, and here is the result. Hope you enjoy Gnutelligentsia
If you download it,please send comments - I need them :)